Interlogix Simon XT

Designed for Modern Life

Monitor household activity in real time.  View household activity online, check in on sick or elderly loved ones, and even keep tabs on vacation properties.  Arm/Disarm Simon XT from anywhere.  Communicate with Simon XT by cellular or wifi to easily adjust your system to meet changing conditions.

Safe & Effective

Always secure.  Backup power supply keeps the system operational during power failures.  Emergency fast-action keys can quickly summon Fire, Medical or Police assistance with one button.  Super-loud piezo siren provides effective alert notice throughout the home.  Hear clearly with a speaker for voice audio status messages and prompts, and configurable “voice chimes”.


User friendly with up-front and easy-to-understand buttons for arming, disarming and status display.  Easy to read with a large, backlit LCD display, making it easy to read status updates and messages.  Illuminated buttons make it easy to see the controls no matter the lighting.

Wireless Security that keeps you Connected

With the optional cellular reporting and features, Simon XT® features remote monitoring and control of your security system for convenient and effective home protection.  Control latchkey and no-activity alarms.  Now you can check who’s home and when they got there. Plus, if a child is scheduled to arrive home but doesn’t, a no-activity alert can be sent.  Receive voice, email or text message reports.  Off-normal events can be quickly and conveniently communicated to a variety of preferred devices to facilitate quick response.  Remote lighting control means returning to a brightly lit home ensuring comfort and security. Likewise, turning off lights after you’ve left is easy and convenient.